5 Foods For Healthy Skin

5 Foods For Healthy Skin

Include These Foods And Beverages In Your Diet For Glowing Skin


Botanically these are a fruit, but for culinary purposes, they are considered a vegetable. Regardless of what they are they are nutritious and delicious. Avocados are one of the best foods for skin. They are full of beneficial nutrients for your body but what we will be focusing on is the ‘healthy fat’ content particularly omega 3.

Most peoples diets are too high in omega 6 and not rich enough in omega three which can cause a variety of problems, eating avocados are a great way to alter that ratio. There is even a study showing omega 3 to help with people with skin sensitive to sunlight. Avocados are also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which promote skin health.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are natures multivitamin, not only do they contain a whole host of essential vital nutrients and antioxidants they also contain them in large quantities. Most specifically vitamin C, There have been several studies showing vitamin C to be very beneficial for skin health (1,2) not to mention being very good for your immune system and overall health. Chia seeds are cheap to buy and are very versatile.


I wrote a post about the difference between cacao and cocoa; cacao is much more abundant in antioxidants. There is a study that shows antioxidants to protect your skin against the damaging effects of free radicals. Both chia seeds and avocados are also high in antioxidants but why just get them from one source? Life is better with variety!

Herbal Tea

Also called Green Tea, it comes in many different varieties and flavors, some contain caffeine some do not. Some are higher in antioxidants than others; it’s really up to you and your individual tastes. One way in which green tea will benefit your skin is the fact that most green teas are diuretics, what they do is make you go to the toilet.

This is beneficial because it helps your body to get rid of unwanted toxins which in turn helps to detoxify the body resulting in brighter eyes clearer skin and increased energy levels.


Yes, plain old H2O. Everyone knows it is good for us, but most do not drink enough of it. Here is a fun way to calculate your water consumption. There are also other factors to consider. You should always drink more after consuming diuretics, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, take into consideration if you a have been flying or if you have been sitting in an air-conditioned room all day. Also, the weather is an important factor.

Invest in a good water filter, preferably one that gets rid of fluoride and tries to avoid drinking from plastic bottles or if you are going to use plastic bottles then go for one that is BPA free.

Some other foods to consider are brightly colored vegetables, oranges, butternut pumpkin, beetroot, berries, etc. These foods are high in antioxidants. Also consider foods that are high in vitamin C – lemons, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables. Good sources of omega 3 include walnuts, fish oil, hemp seeds and also green leafy vegetables such as kale, swiss chard, etc. Also Brazil nuts contain selenium which has been shown to be beneficial for your skin.

Some Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin

Refined sugar – not only is that bad for your skin; it is bad for every other organ in your body, avoid it as much as possible.

Refined White Flour – this can cause a spike in insulin levels altering hormones and causing a breakout, you are much better of going for whole grains instead.

Milk – There are hormones in dairy that may stimulate the overproduction of oil in your skin, which can cause breakouts.

Processed foods – This toxic ‘food like products’ load the body with toxins (free radicals) which accelerate the aging process and cause disease, stick to fresh organic whole foods.

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