An Overview Of Cryolipolysis

An Overview Of Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is done for those individuals whose body weight is within 20-30 pounds and want to freeze their fat. This is the process of sucking the fat. It does not cause weight loss even. Fat cells are destroyed in this process and the metabolization of fat is processed. Fat may be stored somewhere instead of metabolization.

The area where the treatment of coolsculpting is done called “fat bulge”. In this process, the machine pulls out the fat and keep it between two cooling plates. Cool energy is used for the permanent destruction of fat cells.

Fat is first put in a strong vacuum and cooling plated are kept in a particular temperature in which fat cells get destroyed. But there is no reaction on skin, nerves and blood vessels. A particular area may take an hour for coolsculpting.

Immediately after the treatment, the area will remain the same as the effect is visible a few weeks later. 20% of the fat cells are destroyed in this process and absorbed in a few weeks. But if the person starts gaining weight the stored fat would mix with the fat gained from eating food.

It is to be remembered that this procedure is basically shrinking the fat in rigid areas, but this is not at all weight loss. But eating the right quantity of food and proper exercise are needed to stay fit. 

This process is performed every time with a high level of safety. It is more safety than other fat reduction procedures. Some people may feel mild soreness, mild bruising immediately after the treatment. Medication is not at all required in this case.

Though this process is not painful, some people may feel pain in the particular and pain killer tablets are also needed.

Liposuction is compared with this process. People may choose any of the processes between liposuction and suction of fat instead of losing weight. Most of the people prefer to reduce the fat bulges instead of surgery.

Most importantly this procedure is the first most acceptable device approved by the FDA. If someone does not want to face downtime, time off work, swelling and temporary disfigurement, this requirement, this treatment is the best option to reduce fat.

The effect of this treatment stays till 2-3 months. After that, the treatment can be repeated to get back to the previous condition. No magic effect is seen in this case, slowly and gradually the fat is shrunk. This treatment should be done at some doctor’s chamber by an experienced.

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