Defy Aging With These Ageless Beauty Tips

Defy Aging With These Ageless Beauty Tips

Though there’s no escape from the path to our golden years, we can always do our best to age gracefully. Here are some of the banes of aging and ways to keep them at bay:

Age Spots

Apply sunscreen every day! This is the best way you can prevent those brown spots that appear when the skin produces more melanin. Using a product with hydroquinone may also help lighten the age spots.

Vertical Wrinkles Around The Mouth

Use a collagen booster around your mouth to slow down etching of vertical wrinkles around the mouth.

Lines and Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Retinol, peptides, and antioxidants stimulate production and retention of collagen that help smooth fine lines. Opt for peptides instead of retinol if you have sensitive skin.

Dry, Wrinkled Lips

Keep a lip balm handy. Dry and flaky lips appear thinner and make you look older than you really are. Keep those puckers moisturized for smooth, even, and full lips.

Drooping Eye Lids

Eye creams may help delay this but lids will inevitably sag. A little magic with eyeliner and eyeshadow does the trick though. Neutralize the lids with nude-colored shadow, define the lashline with gray, brown or black shadow applied close to the base of the top lashes, then finish off with dark-brown or black mascara.

Dry and Wrinkled Hands

Don’t forget your hands during your beauty regimen. Use alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) masks to combat fine lines on your hands.

These are time-tested beauty tips that could wipe years away, but still, the best way to look younger is to feel younger. This you can do without shelling out a dime – all you need is just lots of love and laughter!

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