Essential Guide to Essential Oils

Essential Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils are a lot more complex than many people might think. Both with the number of different oils available and also the number of different ways the oils can be used. If you are looking to buy essential oils for use, then it is a good idea to do some research into the products available and which oil is best for which use.

There are several ways that essential oils can be used if you can understand the different ways they can be used it will be easier to choose oils for specific purposes. One of the more popular uses for essential oils is for massage; it is important to note that you must combine the pure essential oils with a carrier oil as it is too strong in its pure form. If you are providing a relaxing massage, then look to use equally relaxing essential oil such as Lavender or Orange both of which are known to help de-stress the mind and body.

Essential oils are also great in baths, either a few drops directly in your bath or mixed with sesame oil. Alternatively, a few oils can be mixed with a carrier oil to create your own unique oil mix. If you need help unwinding and getting to sleep, then Sandalwood is a great oil to help clear your mind and let you sleep. Valerian oil is fantastic oil, it is known to help with depression thanks to its sedative properties, and it is also good for helping restlessness and insomnia.

Another great way to use essential oils is in facial steam – add a few drops of oil into hot water and place your head over the water, cover your head in the towel and enjoy the steam. This is a particularly good way to open sinuses and help headaches as well as a great steam skin treatment. Eucalyptus oil is great for unblocking sinuses as is peppermint.

For specific problem areas where you have bruises, wounds, or aches and pains, you can use an essential oil compress. Add some oil to hot water, soak a flannel and apply where needed. Marjoram is a great oil for relieving aches and pains.

Finally, an essential oils burner is a great way to use essential oils. Not only do they make a room smell heavenly but you can choose which oil you burn depending on the benefits you require. If you are feeling depressed or stressed then Bergamot is the perfect oil to diffuse around your home.

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