Learn About Acne Scar Healing Methods

Learn About Acne Scar Healing Methods

Acne is most common in teenagers. Normally, most develop the problem when they approach thirteen years of age. The condition may disappear on its own after some years. For some, this may persist even after they are over twenty years old. The severity of the condition may also vary from person to person.

Some may even require some form of medication to control or treat the skin condition. When the whiteheads or blackheads that form after the infection do not heal properly, scarring may occur. At this point, you need an acne scar healing methods that will get rid of the scars permanently.

The need to remove acne scars is not health-related in any way. This, in most cases, is tied with the fact that most want to look and feel better about themselves. A face full of blemishes or scars can make one lose self-confidence and have low self-esteem. That is why most would do anything to find an acne scar healing method that will solve the problem for good.

These methods vary from simple home remedies to procedures that can only be carried out by a qualified dermatologist. The scars cannot threaten one’s life but if they affect your confidence and ability to have an active social life, you should go for an acne scar healing method that can work for you.


This is one of the safest and easiest acne scar healing methods. The results are temporary too but there is no problem in doing it over and over again. This acne scar healing method involves filling the scars with fat or collagen. This though gives temporary results for in about six weeks, the fat can be absorbed into the body making the scars visible as they were before the treatment. You can choose to repeat the procedure once the effects wear off. It is quite harmless.

Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Dermabrasion is the act of scraping off the top skin to give an even, scar-free appearance. This acne scar healing method in most cases only reduces the appearance of the scars but does not get rid of them completely. Scar peeling which in most cases is done using chemicals also removes the affected skin giving room for a better skin layer to form.

These acne scar healing procedures are very expensive. They should not be performed on sensitive skin. You should note that they also thin the skin making it more sensitive and prone to infections. The harsh chemicals used for peeling can also cause other problems.


The laser as an acne scar healing method is quite effective though expensive. This uses laser technology to remove the top affected layer of the skin. It also heats up the next layer of the skin after the affected one to promote the growth of new skin. This highly reduces the appearance of the scars. The procedure may cost around $2500 though this will highly depend on the clinic you choose to have the operation carried out from.

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