The Best Shaving Tip For Man Skin

The Best Shaving Tip For Man Skin

Whether you’re a man that wants to experience a more comfortable and long-lasting shave or you’re a woman who wants to shave her man the right way, this is the article for you.

Which Shaving Cream Do I Use?

Good question! My first shaving tip for man skin focuses on using effective shaving cream. Here are the facts.

If you have the option, choose a gel shaving cream. The lather is thicker and lasts longer. This will soften the hair more and make it easier to shave. Also, these types of shaving creams are more moisturizing, so your face won’t feel as dry and tight afterward.

There are many different varieties of shaving cream. There are sensitive skin formulas, acne reducing formulas, thick beard formulas, and more. Choose whichever best meets your needs.

Now I Have To Choose A Razor?

Oh, yes. This is a great hurdle for some men. Men often try many different types of razors, and still can’t find one that provides a comfortable shave. In general, you have a choice of electric or manual razors.

Electric: These razors often have “floating heads” which are non-sharp rotating razor blades. Actually, the blades are hidden underneath the “head,” which is what will touch your skin. As you apply pressure while you are shaving, the hair will be pushed through the small openings in the “heads” and will be cut by the blades underneath. Therefore, the blades never touch your skin.

Male groomingElectric razors are more convenient. You don’t have to use shaving cream, and they are portable, so you can shave anywhere. It’s often faster to use an electric razor than a manual razor.

A downside to electric razors is that they get very hot. Some men feel that their skin is being burned by the razor. Also, electric razors have a tendency to pull hair out, instead of just cutting it. Finally, some men experience an increase in razor-burn and razor-bumps. Often, they don’t mention this fact.

The friction from electric razors, without any lubrication on the skin (although there are some electric razors that dispense a lubricating gel onto the skin as you are shaving), is irritating to many men.

Manual: Manual razor is any razor that you use with shaving cream. They come in single, dual, triple, and quadruple blades. Often they will have an aloe vera strip or some other type of moisturizing strip. This helps to cool, soothe, and moisturize the skin as you are shaving.

A single blade will give you the closest shave. However, nicks and cuts are more likely with this blade. A dual, triple, or quadruple blade minimizes the risk of cuts. However, razor burn is more likely with the more blades you have. This is because each blade keeps going over the skin that has already been shaved. Still, with four blades, it is likely you will get a better shave than with two blades. In the end, the decision is yours.

Remember to change blades if yours is dull! Dull blades lead to razor-burn and irritated skin.

The Process

Alright, let’s walk through the man’s skin process. It’s very simple, but each step is important.

Prepare Your Skin: You will want to soften your skin, open the pores, and soften your hair for a better shave. Shaving in the shower solves this problem. Simply apply your shaving cream at the end of your shower or apply it and continue your shower.

ShavingIf you choose to shave out of the shower, dampen a washcloth with hot water and rest it on your face for a minute. Then apply your shaving cream.

Some men also apply moisturizer before shaving, to help reduce irritation.

Shaving Cream: Apply the shaving cream in a thick lather on all the areas you want to shave. Don’t skimp! Too much shaving cream is better than not enough. Let the lather set in your hair for a minute before you begin shaving.

Avoid shaving creams with menthol and benzocaine. These products may cause your skin to dry out and your beard to stiffen.

Shaving: The next shaving tip is the correct shaving method. Here’s what you should try. Always shave in the same direction of the hair growth the first time. You can relather, and shave against the hair growth for a closer shave. Use short strokes, and rinse your razor often. There is no need to use a lot of pressure while shaving.

Soothe Your Skin: Here’s what you do. Rinse your skin will cool water, as it will help close your pores, and tighten the skin. Then apply an aftershave gel to your entire face. Be sure to avoid alcohol-based products, as they will dry your skin out too much.

I Have An Ingrown Hair!

These are such a pain, aren’t they? If you follow the steps above, you will reduce your likelihood of getting an ingrown hair. But, if you are still getting them, here’s how you get rid of them.

Use a pair of tweezers to remove the hair and apply your aftershave gel to the area. Sometimes, you may have to wait a day to remove the hair if the area is very sensitive.

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